Slow Cooked Ravioli

Slow Cooked Ravioli

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Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 8 hrs
Temp Low

Slow Cooked Ravioli – Make italian meals like ravioli easy with this slow cooker recipe.


  • 1 Package Frozen cheese ravioli
  • 1 Pound Browned ground chuck seasoned to taste
  • 1 large Jar Spaghetti sauce, I use Ragu Traditional recipe
  • 1 Cup Shredded mozzarella cheese


  1. Step One

    Put first two ingredients in slow cooker then add sauce.

  2. Step Two

    Empty sauce into slow cooker then fill jar half full with water, shake it up to get all the sauce left in jar.

  3. Step Three

    Add this to slow cooker. This gives it the moisture you need for the ravioli.

  4. Step Four

    I usually start my slow cooker off on High and after a couple of hours reduce it to Low. Can be done on low setting if you will be away all day.

  5. Step Five

    It's done when raviolis are tender.

  6. Step Six

    Cover with cheese and serve with salad and garlic bread.

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  1. Crockin Girls

    Crockin Girls

    Large jar = 15 oz.

  2. Melissa H.

    How many oz is a large jar of sauce?

  3. Crockin Girls

    Crockin Girls

    The best thing would be if you have a programmable cooker than can switch to warm after 6-8 hours. If you have a newer cooker, they tend to cook hotter than the old ones. It would be only a slight risk…I would go for it.

  4. Jennifer S.

    Can you leave these cooking on low for 9 hours while I am at work?


  5. Devin H.

    My kids really enjoyed this meal…Thanks!!

  6. Kristy P.

    It was good and my family liked it. Thank you for the recipe

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