Slow Cooked Pineapple Chicken

Slow Cooked Pineapple Chicken

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Cook Time 4 hrs
Temp Low
Yield Serves 4

Slow Cooked Pineapple Chicken – A delicious recipe made in a slow cooker


  • 4 Chicken Breasts
  • 1 Tablespoon Canola Oil
  • 1 Can Sliced Pineapple
  • 1/3 Cup Packed Brown Sugar
  • 1/4 Cup Cornstarch
  • 2 Tablespoons Lemon Juice
  • 3/4 Teaspoon Salt
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Ground Ginger
  • Cooked Rice


  1. Step One

    In a large skillet, brown chicken in oil (do not cook through).

  2. Step Two

    Transfer to a greased slow cooker.

  3. Step Three

    Drain pineapple; reserving juice. Place pineapple over chicken.

  4. Step Four

    Whisk the brown sugar, cornstarch, lemon juice, salt, ginger and reserved juice until smooth; pour over top.

  5. Step Five

    Cover and cook on LOW for 4-5 hours or until chicken is tender.

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  1. Adalia

    I loved this recipe it was simple and easy! THe chicken was moist and delish. Will definitely be making again. Can’t wait to try more recipes.

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  2. Crockin Girls

    Crockin Girls

    Michelle, So sorry the chicken did not turn out for y’all. It may have overcooked. Some models of slow cookers tend to cook hot and we have to adjust the cooking time.

  3. Michelle R.

    Just gross. Chicken turned out dry, was pretty flavorless. So bummed because it sounded really good :(

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  4. Kristin V.

    This turned out well, not one of our “go to” meals, but a good meal to mix into the rotation. I had to play with the corn starch and brown sugar amounts (a little less corn starch and a little more brown sugar). I used crushed pineapple the second time around and liked that better. Served over brown rice, great for a chicken dish with a sweet flavor.

  5. Craftycrocker

    This is our FAVORITE crockin meal! Sometimes i change it up a little and add a bottle of Sweet Baby Rays…but our favorite is just like the recipe calls for

  6. Crockin Girls

    Crockin Girls

    Thanks, Rebecca, for your comments! We always love hearing how recipes are tweaked and changed for specific tastes. I’m thrilled it was a hit with most in your family. What’s with men and their aversion to meat with fruit?!?!? At least he tried…he’s a trooper! Happy Crockin’!

  7. Rebecca M.

    I really liked this recipe! I did add a bit more brown sugar than the first time I made it and I liked the sweetness it added. Instead of ginger (I was out), I used pumpkin pie spice – it had ginger in it! My ultra picky son said it was delicious and even said that the pineapples were like eating ‘apple pie.’ My husband (also super picky)didn’t really like the pinapple ‘topping,’ but I and the rest of my family really enjoyed it!
    So thankful for this website! It has not only added variety to our meals, but made my job a tad easier!! Thank you!

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