Broccoli-Cheese-Corn Soup

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Chuck Roast 2

The best ever, my hubby and kids love it. So easy to make. Sometimes I will leave the potatoes out and make mashed potatoes. The gravy this makes is wonderful....

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Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 3 hrs  45 mins
Temp Low
Yield Serves 4

I love broccoli soup but decided one day to make it much healthier than the previous recipe I had used. Substituting water for chicken broth and using 98% fat free cream soup, and a healthy choice corn worked in producing a healthier soup and is still very DELICIOUS!


  • 6 Cups Broccoli
  • 1 large crown Whole Mexican Velveeta cheese, cubed
  • 1/2 Pound Whole kernel corn drained, unsalted
  • 1-14 oz. Can Cream of Mushroom soup 98% fat free
  • 1-10.75 oz. Can Matchstick carrots or grated
  • 1 Cup Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Step One

    Cut up washed broccoli into florets. Place in bottom of crockpot and cover with enough water to cover the broccoli entirely.

  2. Step Two

    Add drained corn, cream of mushroom soup, carrots, salt and pepper and mix well.

  3. Step Three

    Cook on low 3-3 1/2 hours, stirring occasionally.

  4. Step Four

    Before serving add cubed Mexican cheese and cook until cheese melts, stirring constantly. Serve hot. Soup can be garnished with garlic croutons, tortilla chip strips, or mini-saltine crackers. Enjoy!

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  1. Marcia K.

    Was looking for some healthy soups and the title sounded great! But Velveeta? Maybe this shouldn’t be in the ‘healthy’ section? (I have loved other soups I have tried btw!)

  2. Darlene

    Ummmm…..girls were you up late while posting this one? haha! a “crown of whole mexican velveeta cheese”? and 1 cup of salt and pepper?

  3. Cliff

    What’s a “large crown” of Velveeta? And really? 1 cup of salt and pepper?

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