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Robyn (Robyn)


Clinton, Oklahoma


Hello there! I'm a busy person who needs all the help she can get. I work full time, take care of a free spirited 89yrs young mother (who can push every one of my buttons). I'm a wife, mother, grandmother (6 boys) & daughter. I never seem to be caught up and wish I could retire! I'm on a mission to get organize not only at my home but my mothers home! My mother has 3 of everything and does not want to get rid of anything. Well at least the 3 crockpots will come in handy. I'm trying to cook ahead and have freezer meals so any tips on this will help out.


Scrapbooking and Photography


Husband: Bill married for 32 yrs and is my rock! 2 Daughters: Alana and DeAnn 2 Sons Will and Dustin 6 grandchildren: Kameron, Sidney, Kyler, Parker, Connor and Atticus. And one unmanagable Mother who I love with all my heart.