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Barb (Barb)


I'm a SAHM of a beautiful little girl who's 3 and a wife to a very sexy soilder whom I'm proud of everyday. I love to cook and make a nice homecooked meal everyday for my husband to come home to every night when he's able to because he's away so often that I love to spoil him that way. I also love to scrapbook and spend good quality time playing with my daughter and laughing. I love to have fun and don't take anything for granted because lifes too short and too be happy with what god has given me, I know that things could always be worse and that I'm very lucky. I love cats and animals in general. Family and Friends are what are most important to meand if I won a million dollars I'd set my daughter up for life make it so my husband never had to leave us again,go on a Africa Safaria and a Disney Cruise.


Spending Time With My Daughter, Family And Friends


Husband : Kevin Daughter : Sarah Bella