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I am married and have 1 daughter. She keeps us extremely busy with her activities. I am also a full time student, so cooking with a crock is a most excellent choice for us! I have a brother and a sister. My sister gave me 2 of my most precious gifts besides my daughter and that is my nephew and niece whom I adore very much. My brother has a step son and we are awaiting the brith of his first child...another niece is coming my way.


Reading, Scrapbooking, watching our local school sporting events; we rarely miss a football or baseball game and we never miss a basketball game. Spending precious time with my family and laughing and enjoying some of the BEST women I girlfriends!! We make time to get together often and most of them have been in my life for 30+ years. They are what keeps me sane on the craziest of days!!


My parents, siblings, niece and nephew all live in the same town as I do. I have my hubby Scott and we have our daughter, a dog and a cat.