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Amanda (Amanda)


Effingham Illinois


I am a new mom(YAY!!!!). I have been married for 2 and half years. We move alot due to his work but its worth it. We just had a son oct5, 2012. Very excited he is his mommys cracker jacks! I also have a year old daughter, she has 4 legs and is a bassett hound tho she dont think or know she is a dog, she thinks shes a baby, Her name is Miss Mattie. I love to cook but am terrified of doing something and it turning out horriable, This has happened more than once, but my husband always tried to eat it so I dont feel bad. I have to usually take it away and say ok order pizza, he sigs and lets out a big relive and orders lol.


I love to cook but am terrified of trying new things


I am a new mommy.Jack born 10/05/12 he has a 4 legged sis ter she is one her name is mattie. I am also married to an amazing man for over 2 years now

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