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I love to cook! Doesn't really matter what kind. I am best at baking though. I love this website. There are times because of work schedules its easiest to toss stuff in a crock pot and cook it. I have found some nice recipes. Some not so much but you never know til you try it! I have a lot of favorites and after trying them and if I like them I write them in my recipe book. I add a few and save on my page until I can try them. I love my family. I love cooking for them. It's just my husband and I. However, my parents and my sister and her family live up the road. So, hop, skip, and a jump. I'm active in my church. God is very important to me. He gave me the gift of cooking!

I learned to cook at a young age about 8 years old. I just watched my mom cook over and over and I asked to do it one day and she let me. I started cooking family meals when I was probably 10. Been cooking ever since and I love it. My husband and I have been married for 8 years. No kids yet but we do have a dog. Molly and she is 9 years old and....part rottweiler, german shepard, and lab. She is the sweetest dog though. She is a little baby.

I enjoy watching movies, shopping online, reading, cooking, baking, and playing games. We mainly stay at home, but enjoy going out once in awhile. Thats about it about me!

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