Weekly Meal Plan #7


We’ve each come up with our own meal plans this week to get us through a hectic week of School Valentine’s Day Parties and travel plans!

Nicole’s Meal Plan for the Week

MondayNicole’s Crockin’ Breakfast
Have makeovers with the leftovers and roll into burritos (These are great to freeze individually and re-heat for a quick breakfast)

TuesdayChicken Spaghetti
This makes a ton of food. It is a great meal to freeze the leftovers for another day

WednesdayTilapia with Asparagus
Believe it or not, my kids eat this UP!

Thursday – VALENTINE’S DAY!!

Friday – Headed out for a fun family filled weekend!


Jenna’s Meal Plan For the Week:

MondayMeatball Subs
It doesn’t get any easier or tastier than this!

TuesdayBroccoli Rice Casserole with Chicken
I’m adding chicken to make this an all-in-one meal

WednesdayChicken & Dumplings
Comfort food to the max!

Thursday – VALENTINE’S DAY!!

Friday – Leftovers

Saturday – Taco Feast
I’m making my taco meat on the stove top.

Happy New Year’s Eve Party Menu


What a year it’s been! We’ve had a wonderful year with our first cookbook and magazine! We’ve traveled around the country and met many of our Crockin’ Club members. We’re so grateful for all that this year has brought and we can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring! Here is an easy-prep menu to celebrate the New Year. All the dishes can stay warm in the crock while you party the night away!

BBQ Chicken Sliders

Pizza Dip

Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Black Eyed Peas

Peanut Clusters

Homemade Canned Cream Soup Recipes


The best thing about slow cooking is the convenience and ability to customize recipes to your health needs. If you’re looking for heart healthy recipes you can use low-sodium/low-fat soups or make homemade soup. If you’d like to take a step further (and you have the time), try making common cream soups at home! Here are two recipes to get you started.

Homemade cream of chicken soup
½ cup chicken broth
½ cup milk
2-4 tablespoons of flour
salt to taste

Homemade cream of mushroom soup
½ cup vegetable or chicken broth
½ cup milk
2-4 tablespoons of flour
½ cup finely chopped mushrooms
salt to taste

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Austin Adventure


Last Wednesday Jenna and I headed to Austin, TX for a cooking segment on KXAN news and our first book signing with Barnes and Noble. Since Austin is only a couple hours from us, we headed out that morning. I had planned on meeting friends of ours in Lampassas on the way down for a a quick hello. Sherry actually saw our post on Crockin’ Girls and emailed me if I could stop by for just a second because she had a little present for me. Jenna and I left out that morning, and once driving on the highway I told Jenna that my wheel sure was shaking. She says does it always do that, and I stated that I really couldn’t remember. We happened to be in our Jeep Liberty for the day because it gets really good gas mileage. It usually stays at our Insurance Office and Kris uses it for business and when he is on the road a lot. Anyway, didn’t think much about it any more and on the way to Austin Jenna notices my tire pressure in one of my tires was reading really low. I pulled into Lometa, TX and put some air into the tire. Got back on the road and all of a sudden my car wouldn’t go above 30 mph. The gear shift is located in the middle between Jenna and I, so I pulled off the road, put the car into park, and then back into drive, and got back on the road. Nothing! It’s not going any faster and I am thinking Oh no, my transmission is going out. ;( We get Kris on the phone and bless his heart, he had a busy day planned as well. He thinks we may have gotten an air bubble in the fuel line when we turned the car on and off at the gas station (the jeep is a diesel). So immediately I call Sherry and tell her we are on our way to Lampassas and need to get to a mechanic. She puts Dale on the phone and he gives me directions to where I need to go. He says, don’t worry about anything Nicole y’all can just take my car to Austin.

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