Summer Time Crockin’!


The New York Times’  Mark Bittman is a fan of summertime crockin’! Check out his article about the benefits of crockin’ when the temperature is getting hot, hot, hot!

Nutritional Information for Crockin’ Clean


We want to let y’all know about some corrections from the Crockin’ Clean Magazine. In the Soup/Stew section, the nutritional information is all the same. Below is the actual information for each recipe in the section. Just click the link “Soups/Stews Corrections and you’ll get everything you need.

On page 20 – Quick Quinoa Casserole, the directions should not include measurements when listing the broth, olive oil, and cinnamon. The measurements should be what is listed in the ingredients.

Also, on page 41 –  Indian Chicken Stew,  it should say 14.5 oz can of chopped tomato. Not 4.5 oz.

On page 85 – Sally’s Crockin’ Cabbage Casserole you will cook it for 3 hours on high, not warm.

Sorry for the corrections. Hope you are loving crockin’ the clean way!

Soups/Stews Corrections

Crockin’ Girl from Wisconsin


At 48, I’d gotten lazy about making dinner.  Same things each week.  Then I saw the Crockin’ Girls….I’ve since gotten both the cookbook and the Holiday Magazine, ordered the Crockin Clean Magazine, visited the website and liked the page on Facebook!   Whew.
I’ve also connected with three good friends who now all have the cookbook.  We are the Wisconsin Crockin Girls.  It’s been fun trying recipes and sharing our thoughts.  It’s been neat to see the excitement come back for cooking.  Thank you for that!!!

My goal is to make every recipe in the book. I have gotten a great start! I also am beginning to look at my recipes to see if they too can become crockin’ favorites.

Thank you for helping me to become a Crockin’ Girl from Wisconsin.

Sue King, Wisconsin

Introducing the Crockin’ Team!


Hey y’all! We are busy workin’ on our new Crockin Clean magazine, and are very excited about the new healthy recipes we have for y’all. Along with the upcoming magazine, we have some new voices y’all will be hearing from on Facebook. They are already a part of our Crockin’ Community and are ready to help and support all of our crockin’ friends. Take some time and get to know Dannette, Tiffany, and Shari!

Tiffany and Dannette:
Sisters that live in the same town. They go to church together, vacation together and share a lot of the same friends. They’ve been a part of this crockin’ community since the beginning and love trying out new things in their slow cookers. They enjoy throwing parties and using their slow cookers makes it easy with their busy lives. Dannette is married to an amazing man and has a pre-teen daughter. Tiffany is married to a Fort Worth fire fighter and has a son in college and a son in high school.

Their favorite recipes from the ‘Crockin’ Girls Slow Cookin’ Companion’ are just a few pages away from each other. Tiffany’s fave is the Buffalo Chicken Pasta (page 325) and Dannette’s is the Baked Ziti (page 327).

is originally from a small town in Southeast Texas. She’s been married to the same great guy for almost 25 years and has two busy teenagers (a boy and girl). They have to eat dinner at different times many evenings because of work schedules or practices after school, so having a hot dinner ready in the slow cooker has been a life saver. Her favorite slow cookin’ meal is the Angel Chicken (page 330).