The Explorer: Creative Crockin’ Recipes


When putting our new book, “It’s Our Crockin’ Life“, together, we had no hesitation in creating the Explorer chapter (could be one of our FAVES!). You see, Jenna and I would not consider ourselves typical crockers. In fact, we are far from it! Most people think of crock pot recipes being strictly stews and pot roasts and our crockin’ cookin’ is waaaaay beyond this. Both Jenna and I are creative individuals. While I love to scrapbook and Jenna loves to sew, we knew in creating this chapter we really wanted our personalities to shine through and to put together a chapter full of your non-typical slow cooker recipes—even non-edible recipes too!


Along with being creative, I would definitely say there has always been an explorer side in me. I grew up on a ranch and loved exploring on my four-wheeler. One of my favorite memories I have is packing a backpack full of snacks and drinks  and loading up on the four-wheelers with my family and all of us taking a ride to either look for deer sheds (antlers, that is) throughout the property or taking the back road to the nearest town. I could drive for hours on my four-wheeler. You would even catch my friends and I hooking up anything sturdy enough to pull behind the four-wheeler and taking turns pulling each other through cow manure…..yep, it’s insanely true! I can hear us laughing hysterically now!!!! And SMELL us too!


I’m also a roller coaster junkie and am proud to announce that I introduced my husband to his first roller coaster! HOLLA! He is not so much a roller coaster fan, but my little Gracie girl is. She absolutely LOVES the rush of adrenaline from them all! Now, we don’t like the roundy-round ones all so much, but anything with a good drop WE ARE IN! Talking about the roundy-round ones, my Gager boy cannot stand anything that is going to get his stomach (not even a swing) and my sweet M-I-L took him to the park for fun and started spinning him on the merry-go-round. She said he turned completely green and well, you know what comes after that! YUCK!


I like to embrace adventures and new experiences, but I’m definitely not spontaneous. I like to do my research and really think about my decisions first. With that being said, I really thought I would surprise my hubby recently  when I came to him in May, a couple of days before our anniversary, and said “you know, I’ve always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon and I think we should just load up this weekend and drive out there!” (16 hour drive!) My “oh-so-VERY-spontaneous” husband looked at me like I had lost my mind and wondered where his wife had gone!


We headed out in June for a family vacay to the Grand Canyon and it was so much FUN! On the way up we checked out the Meteor Crater in Winslow, AZ and made sure we checked into an Embassy Suites or the “Big E” as my kids call it, to take advantage of happy hour and swim time for the kids. Then we headed onto Flagstaff, AZ. We did a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon…..absolutely amazing! and then went to the Grand Canyon afterwards and took many many pictures and walked all kind of trails. WOW….what an amazing feeling to stand out there overlooking this magnificent greatness on this earth we live in. To stand out there and take it all in with my family is a memory I will have for the rest of my life. Seeing my kids faces light up in awe was priceless!

We then made our way to Bearizona! The kids loved seeing all the animals and we got some good laughs watching the little bear cubs. We also got to go the Out of Africa Wildlife Park. Kris and I were able to zip line for the very first time. We watched the tiger splash show and the predator feed. This was right up Gage’s alley as he LOVES anything to do with wild cats. Our trip was full of laughs and we made lots of memories! It literally takes the stars to align perfectly for us to take a vacay together as a family of four. On the way back home, both kids thanked us for the fun journey that had just experienced and Gage reminded us that it was our very first vacay with just us four. Talk about striking the heart just a tad… we made a pact to jump in the car and go EXPLORE together every summer from now on!


Don’t be afraid to unleash the explorer side in you in the kitchen! What’s the worst that can happen? Yes, you might have a flop….Jenna and I have had many, but it hasn’t stopped us from trying different things and altering recipes to perfectly suit our families! We hope you explore our new book, “It’s Our Crockin’ Life”, and become a non-typical crocker just like us!

You can Crock THAT?!
Love You Berry Much Bars

Happy Crockin’ Y’all!

Meet our NEW Cookbook—It’s Our Crockin’ Life


Y’all we are beyond excited if you can’t tell! With the release of the new book so close we can taste it (you will be glad to taste all of the new yummies in it, literally!) we are absolutely giddy!

We often compare taking on the tremendous task of compiling a second book to the decision to have another child. When you have the first one, you enjoy it and adore it for what it is, but there is no way you could do that again right away, right? I mean, the long hours, blood, sweat, and tears that went into your first little bundle of joy are soooo worth it… but another? Not so fast! Wellllll…as time goes on you start to miss that “newborn” feeling, and you kind of forget all of the struggles that go along with birthing and parenting such a new little blessing, so you decide to try for number two. That’s when it all comes flooding back! We have made it through to the other side of production phase and we are SO ready to hold our new baby in our hands… we ARE still talking about a book here. :)


It’s Our Crockin’ Life is our new baby and we can’t wait to share it with you! This second book will have all of the funky flare that our first book has, but we even took it up a few notches! With tons of personal and family pics throughout out “scrapbook” style slow cooking recipe collection, and even more of our crockin’ personality we are so happy with the final product! Part of the new feel is the way we have arranged the recipes. This book will still contain recipes from breakfast to dessert with everything in between, but we have grouped them into LIFESTYLE chapters! So many people request recipes to fit their way of life, rather than by ingredients, that we thought it only natural to organize this book in that way. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box. We find ourselves in each of the chapters, and we love how these recipes fulfill your day-to-day needs by offering solutions when life gets crazy!

Here are the chapters you can look forward to in It’s Our Crockin’ Life

1. The All Dayer
2. The Crowd Pleaser
3. The Ingredient Watcher
4. The Budgeter
5. The Empty Nester
6. The Explorer
7. The Entertainer
8. The Sweet Maker
9. The Holidayer
10. The Giver

We know you will fall in love with this book! Make sure to pre-order your copy to get a discounted price before the release!

Happy Crockin’ Y’all!
Jenna and Nicole

Summer Time Crockin’!


The New York Times’  Mark Bittman is a fan of summertime crockin’! Check out his article about the benefits of crockin’ when the temperature is getting hot, hot, hot!

Nutritional Information for Crockin’ Clean


We want to let y’all know about some corrections from the Crockin’ Clean Magazine. In the Soup/Stew section, the nutritional information is all the same. Below is the actual information for each recipe in the section. Just click the link “Soups/Stews Corrections and you’ll get everything you need.

On page 20 – Quick Quinoa Casserole, the directions should not include measurements when listing the broth, olive oil, and cinnamon. The measurements should be what is listed in the ingredients.

Also, on page 41 –  Indian Chicken Stew,  it should say 14.5 oz can of chopped tomato. Not 4.5 oz.

On page 85 – Sally’s Crockin’ Cabbage Casserole you will cook it for 3 hours on high, not warm.

Sorry for the corrections. Hope you are loving crockin’ the clean way!

Soups/Stews Corrections