Meat Loaf Made Simple


This week we crocked two meat loaf recipes in our Crockin’ Monday video. This all-American meal is great for those meat lovers in your family. To make it even easier, try putting the recipe in mini foil loaf pans for your hubby to take to work or even cupcake liners to make dinner fun and different for the little mouths at the table. Enjoy y’all!

Easy Breakfast Burritos


Mornings can be an absolute blur! Husbands need to get out the door, but they forgot their keys. Kids need to get dressed, but they can’t find the other shoe. You get the idea. You’re so rushed they end up with a frozen waffle in their mouths and you don’t stop to even think about eating until lunch.

Do your mornings differently with this tip. Crock up a breakfast egg casserole (find recipe here) and use it to make breakfast burritos. Either keep them wrapped up in the fridge or you can freeze them too. In the morning, grab and quickly heat up one for the hubby, two for the kids and one for yourself! Everyone will start their day with protein to keep their day going strong and you’ll feel like a millionaire mom (feeding her family on a budget). Use fajita sized tortillas, one serving will make 9-10 burritos depending on how much egg you use in each. Happy Crockin’!

A Crockin’ Halloween Party!


BOO, y’all! This Monday we’re sharing our Rockin’ Topin’ Chili recipe that will please all your little ghouls and goblins! This is a very mild chili we made for our kiddos to gobble up on Halloween evening. It is the perfect dish for a party or anytime gathering! Find the recipe here.

As Spooky Surprise we crocked up a witches’ brew in the slow cooker! It’s so simple and our kids loved it!

What you’ll need:
Dry ice
Hot water
Large non-plastic bowl

Using gloves, place dry ice in a large bowl (glass works best). We used a slow cooker, but it was cast iron. Pour hot water to cover dry ice and watch smoke forming.