Weekly Meal Plan #6



Download Meal Plan here:Weekly Meal Plan #6


Monday: Simply Tasty Chicken Pasta
Tuesday:My Crock O’ Ribs
Wednesday:Triple C
Thursday:Chicken & Wild Rice soup
Saturday:Pulled Pork Tacos
Sunday: Hickory Smoked Brisket


Color My Crock


We’re from Texas where bigger is better and color is mandatory! We travel to the big city of Dallas at least once a month to film our Crockin’ Monday videos and we maaaaayyyy do some shopping  :). We stopped into Tar-jay (Target), one of our favorite stores, and we were greeted by these beautiful Bella Dots collection of slow cookers. We had to go over a look, touch, open and then walk away with them. They’re a perfect combination of our love for Crockin’ and color. Who knew you could accessorize your kitchen with a crock? But we do now! They aren’t programmable, but they still cook evenly and they look great on the table if you’re serving your dish directly out of the crock. They’re still available at Target so go get one in your favorite jewel tone color! Crockin’ never looked so good.


Crock Comparisons


Wondering why you are boiling on low, or why that recipe didn’t come out quite right? Slow cookers are like any other kitchen appliance, you need to get to know how they cook so that you can adjust the way you cook in them. During  our Crockin’ Monday Test Kitchen Video (watch here) we tested the same recipe in different crocks. Check out the results below of our crockin’ experiment.

Crockin’ Pizza

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Crockin’ Essential Ingredients


Make dinner in a snap with these essential ingredients we pretty much keep in our pantry and fridge all the time.  They help us make a variety of recipes. And we make it even easier with this print off with recipes you can make with 5 ingredients or Less!! Print here.

Get your crock on!

Diced Tomatoes
Frozen Chicken Breast
Jar of Salsa
Jar of Spaghetti Sauce
2-3 Bags frozen veggies
Whole Wheat Tortillas
Shredded Cheese
Garlic (fresh cloves or refrigerated jar)
Taco Seasonings
Canned Beans
BBQ Sauce
Ranch Dressing Mix
Cream of Chicken
Can Corn