Moms Everyday Interview


We had so much fun talking crockin’ with Emily from Moms Everyday! We talked about when our love for Crockin’ began, tips for those just pulling out their slow cooker for the first time, and of course our families! Hope you enjoy and learn something new.

Fox Good Day – Thanksgiving Sides


We had so much fun on Fox Good Day in Atlanta! The host, Gurvir Dhindsa, was so much fun and she loves crockin’, so we had a blast sharing new recipes with her. On the show we made three Thanksgiving sides that are simple and of course delicious. The slow cooker is perfect for all that cooking on Thanksgiving when the oven is full and you’re trying to keep things warm until the turkey is ready.

We shared recipes for our Green Bean Casserole found in our cookbook, The Slow Cookin’ Companion, Crockin’ Corn Casserole that is on our Crockin’ Monday Video, and Olive’s Easy Cheese Potatoes found in our new Crockin’ for the Holidays Magazine! We made these recipes using a slow cooker liners that add even more simplicity to this convenient way cooking. Thanks for tuning in! We hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends this year. Happy Crockin’ Y’all!

The Crockin’ Girls One Year Anniversary Reflections


We are coming up on our one year anniversary since the unexpected start of our Crockin’ Girls journey and it has really got us thinking!

From Nicole,

Wow, I can’t believe we are rolling up on our one year anniversary for the Crockin’ Girls, talk about a roller coaster ride! It has been extremely fun, scary, nerve racking, a definite adrenaline rush, and in the long run keeps me saying, “Let’s do it again!” In all of our wildest dreams never did Jenna or I plan for this journey. On August 19th, 2011 our goal for making a Facebook page was to make life a little simpler for our families and friends. From there our lives completely turned around, and all I have to say is thank GOD for crockin’ or else we would be eating out all the time!

In one year I have held my first ever crock-a-thon, created a cookbook, been on TV, and interviewed by several newspapers, radio shows, and magazines, traveled to pretty places and met famous chefs. I have attended my own book signings, and not only have I seen my very own cookbook in Barnes and Noble, I have celebrated as it was named the #1 cookbook, even crazier! I have also gotten to meet and work with some AMAZING people and I HAVE LEARNED A LOT!!

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Hair Bow How-To Giveaway!


Just like her mama, my Stella girl loves to accessorize!  She even pats her head and says “BOW”! I love to create bows for her and you can make them for your little fashionista too! Check out how I make her “bigger than Texas” bows! It really is fun and easy! If you have questions, just leave a comment below. Happy Craftin’!

It happened again…we couldn’t choose just one so we chose 3!!! Thanks for sharing y’all.

“Great idea… I am teaching my youngest daughter to sew, as her mom doesn’t know how. We will be doing a quilt or 2 together. Keep up the good work, very informing. Also showing her the cooking aspect , because after work I also do the cooking in the house.”
Ron G.

“My mom and grandma always made (knitted or crocheted) baby blankets for new babies in the family. When my best friend announced she was pregnant, I asked and she said no one in her family made things like that…I really felt like it was important for every new baby have a handmade blanket from someone who loves them even before they are here, so I asked my mom to teach me to crochet. A tradition was born! I have hand made a crocheted baby blanket for every new baby of each of my friends since that first one for sweet baby Iris. I love spending the time making the blanket dreaming about the little person who will cuddle up in it and how they will grow, who they will become.”
Teresa N.

“I do a lot of cross stitching. Last year I made different sets of ornaments for my husbands family members, my family members and some friends. It was a lot of work and took me almost 9 months to gets done. It was worth seeing those who appreciated the work open the gifts. I am doing another cross stitch gift for almost everyone again this year, but not on that large of a scale.”
Christina T.

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