A Poppin’ Giveaway!


The Winner of the Colby’s Kettle Corn prize is….Jennifer G.! Here is what she loves about the Fall.
“Awww Fall…I love the crisp cool air and being able to wear a hoody, I love the colors and leaves on the ground, the smell of food in the crockpot all day, the fireplace going all night, Halloween, pumpkins, and all the decorations and kids activities!! :)”
Congrats Jennifer! For all you other Fall lovers make sure to use the code CROCKIN at to get a 12-pack of popcorn for the price of 6! It’s a great deal so get poppin’!
Y’all we fell in love with this popcorn. It’s super tasty and perfect for snackin’…not just for the movies! Oh and did we mention it’s 100% all natural, low calorie, and gluten free! You have a chance to get some yourself. Here’s the info:
Just answer “What’s your favorite thing about the Fall?” in the comment section below and you will be entered to win 6 FREE bags of popcorn a month for an entire YEAR at no cost!  You can even choose the flavors you want each month (Salty Sweet Addiction, Butter Salt Craving, Cinnamon Sugar Sensation, and Chili Cheese Obsession)…now that taste good!
Winner will be announced on Friday, Sept. 14th at 5PM.

If you just can’t wait to get poppin’, Colby’s is offering all you Crockin’ Girls special discount; use the code CROCKIN and get a 12-pack at the price of a 6-pack!  Here are the instructions for redeeming the code:

2.) Add one or several 12-packs into shopping cart
2) Begin checkout process
3) Enter discount code CROCKIN on payment page
4.) Finish check out
5.) Get really excited about yummy popcorn coming to your doorstep!

School Daze Giveaway


Hey Y’all we love a giveaway!!! Let’s get crockin’!

And the winner is Samantha!

“My oldest just began 1st grade, she takes ballet, tap, jazz, and acro for a total of four hours a week. We go straight from school to the dance studio on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursdays so without my crock pot we wouldn’t eat dinner! I also have a 19mo that also takes dance at the same studio on Wednesday mornings, I’m thinking about setting up a cot in the studio! I have a few tried and true recipes but I’m always looking for more. Thanks for helping me prepare delicious home cooked dinners for my family.”

To Enter:
What activities are your kiddos involved in now that school is starting back up? And how many nights a week are you planning to crock so that you can skip the drive thru line?

The Rules:
One entry per person.
Winner will be announced right back here on Friday, Aug. 24 at 5PM.
Giveaway sponsored by The Crockin’ Girls.
Winner receives a FREE Slow Cookin’ Companion Cookbook

Olympic Giveaway!


ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS (in Olympic fashion of course! Oh and the judges picked them at random because there were SO many good entries).

Gold (prize pack):
“My favorite Olympic moment this year has been hearing my 8 year old daughter and 4 year old son screaming “USA” at the TV while watching the cycling. I was painting my son’s room and thought they were watching Disney. When I peaked into the next room I saw them both glued to the TV cheering on our cyclists. Since then, every night they both ask if we can all watch the Olympics together before bed. It’s truly become a special time to spend together as a family. Who knew the Olympics could help build families AND countries.”
– Julie G.

Silver (cookbook):
“Love Swimming and Michael Phelps! my kids swam for 15 years…love to watch Gymnastics used to work the uneven bars…loved them! Happy Crockin! with no stove this website is a lifesaver!”
– Lisa H.

Bronze (cookbook):
“I love watching all of the Olympic events but my favorite moment was watching Oscar Pistorius (double-amputee) get to run in the men’s 400m. I know he didn’t move on but the struggle he went through to get to do this was amazing to me. He did an awesome job! His story is one that reminds me to never give up your dreams. Hard work and being persistence pays off. Great lesson for anyone but I loved that my kids got to see it!”
– Theresa

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Crockin’ Back-to-School Giveaway


And the winner is…Tiffany M. We just loved her thoughtful tip and one that really touched our hearts, knowing how much family and food mean to us! ha. Thanks Tiffany for a great idea that we hope to begin today for our kiddos that way we’ll have the album done by the time they go to college! Oh my.

“Before I went away for college, my mom gathered all of my favorite recipes from all of my grandparents, cousins, aunts, etc and wrote them down on colorful note cards. She organized them in a photo album and started each person’s section of recipes with a picture of that person followed by their recipes that I loved the most.”

And because we had SOOOO many great tips (really, you should read them all), we selected 4 runner-ups that will a FREE copy of our Slow Cookin’ Companion.

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