DIY Pillow Case Dress


1. Measure your child from the nape of their neck to mid thigh.

2. Pick out coordinating fabrics (I chose 5 because I like the “busy” look). When cutting fabrics leave it folded. In the picture of the fabrics notice the fold is on the left and the length noted below is measured from the top to bottom of fabric the way it is oriented in the picture.
*Main fabric (school print) measured the length of neck to thigh. {Stella is wears 12-18 month and I measured hers 14″.}
*Accent #1 (cheetah) measured 3″.
*Accent #2 (with with big red polka dots) measured the length of Main Fabric + Accent #1 {for Stella’s 14”+3”= 17″ of Accent #2)
*Accent #3 (black with ABCs and 123s) measured 10″ and folded in half, making a 5” trim at the bottom. I do this so that I don’t have    to do a hem at the bottom.
*Accent #4 (white with black polka dots) measured about 4″.

3. Lay Main Fabric unfolded on the floor or working surface, and place Accent #1 on top of it (at the bottom edge of the fabric) right sides together.

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School Lunch Ideas


We asked for school lunch ideas and you guys definitely brought ‘em!! Check out all these great (and creative) ideas to get your kiddos a lunch they’ll eat up!

Here are a few slow cooker recipes you can also use in your next brown bag.

Pizza Pasta Casserole
Corn Mac and Cheese
Chicken and Dumplings
Whole Chicken
Thankful Fiesta Soup

If you can put it between bread, we put it in a tortilla! A fun and easy way for them to eat!
Debbie M.

My kids fight over who gets the leftover pasta in their lunch box. Even cold, they like it just as well. They also love a thermos with soup or OATMEAL!
Peggy L.

Something we’ve done for years is put peanut butter in an ice cream cone. My daughter will only eat those veggies if she can dip them. It’s been a big hit at school!
Julie M.

My 8 year old loves chicken salad in flatbread – I usually use the Italian Herb flavored :)
Anderson N.

My son like apple rice cakes with peanut butter on top.
Jennine H.

Boil cheese tortellini with food coloring. Send cold with spaghetti sauce for dipping.
Michelle S.


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Cookie Monster


Having two little munchkins just shy of 2 years apart has been a huge blessing, they keep me on my toes daily! My Stella girl brings a lot to the table- she has quite the girly, dramatic, prissy yet cuddly and sweet personality, but one thing I do miss now that I have two kiddos is that precious one-on-one time with my big boy Spencer! He turned 3 in June and I am really loving his little personality. He has a huge imagination, sometimes I think he is too smart for his own good, but I love having conversations with him, and I thought a great way for us to talk and spend some quality time together would be to make some COOKIES – Spence was ALL about it!

He thought he was pretty big stuff getting to stand on the chair and dump in the ingredients. While things did get a TAD out of hand when he insisted on cracking the eggs, he must watch us very carefully when cooking because he knew just how to hold it and tap it on the edge of the bowl- he just needed a little {a LOT of} assistance when getting the egg out of the shell! We mixed with a spoon for a while and then we both decided that mixing with our hands would probably be more efficient and DUG IN :) The cookies we made had some peanut butter, candies, chocolate chips, and oats (along with all of the other boring ingredients, ha!) so we knew they were going to be very yummy. Spencer couldn’t handle the wait and snuck in a few tastes as you can tell by the pics. We cooked them and then let them cool. After cooling we had a few, but decided to keep them in the freezer. Let me tell you this- I am not a huge cookie person (would rather just eat the dough), and they were DELICIOUS out of the freezer. It may be the Texas heat, or the cold crispy crunch of the cookies but all I can say is YUM! It also helps with not eating as many when I can’t see them! I am thinking about crumbling up the rest of the cookies left in the freezer and making a batch of homemade ice cream and using them as a topping. We can’t end our summer without some good ole homemade vanilla right?

Spencer’s School



Spencer has always had a love for letters. Somewhere around 18 months old he started learning his letters and soon recognized each letter of the alphabet. He is always pointing out letters while we are in stores and when we are driving he will say- “Look Mama, there is a S, T, O, P on that octagon!”.

A little before turning 2 he started mastering the sounds that each letter makes and he is continually interested in anything alphabetical, puzzles, games, flash cards, you get the idea! So I decided that starting the month of August I would start working with him on writing his letters. He calls it his “school” and is SO proud to show Daddy what he did that day when he gets home!

We will be doing a letter every 2 weeks (sometimes more frequently) and learning a bible verse to go with each letter (A’s is “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15). So that within the year he will know how to write his letters and will have worked on memorizing scripture too! This is also one of Spencer’s favorite things- his go to verse: Be kind to each other. Ephesians 4:32! Before diving into the letters though, we practiced drawing all sorts of lines… vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and circular. He thought this was a blast, lol! Keep checking back as I post the bi-weekly blogs about what we did the previous week in “Spencer’s School.”