Crock Pot-pourri


We are lovin’ the smell of Christmas in our homes! Use simple, fresh ingredients to mix up smell-a-licious Crock Pot-pourri that you can leave in your slow cooker all day! No flame required. After you make the mix just remove the lid and continue cooking for as long as you desire. Add water as needed to cover mixture.  If you would like to store it, place in an airtight container and keep it in the refrigerator for no longer than a week. You can pour back in the slow cooker and crock again! Find the recipe HERE to fill your home with Christmas Cheer!

Carmel Dip Sneak Peek Recipe


This delicious dessert dip can be used on apples, ice cream or just about anything!
Submitted by Pam Ulven
Zeeland, MS

1 can sweetened condensed milk
2 cups packed brown sugar
1/2 cup butter
3/4 cup white corn syrup
1 pinch salt

Add all ingredients to small slow cooker and cook on HIGH until boiling, stirring often. Once mixture is smooth (not gritty), turn to WARM. Serve with sliced apples or as a topping for ice cream.

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Color My Crock


We’re from Texas where bigger is better and color is mandatory! We travel to the big city of Dallas at least once a month to film our Crockin’ Monday videos and we maaaaayyyy do some shopping  :). We stopped into Tar-jay (Target), one of our favorite stores, and we were greeted by these beautiful Bella Dots collection of slow cookers. We had to go over a look, touch, open and then walk away with them. They’re a perfect combination of our love for Crockin’ and color. Who knew you could accessorize your kitchen with a crock? But we do now! They aren’t programmable, but they still cook evenly and they look great on the table if you’re serving your dish directly out of the crock. They’re still available at Target so go get one in your favorite jewel tone color! Crockin’ never looked so good.


Party Planning


If you don’t know, our babies that just turned 3 were born two hours apart on June 18th. Gage, my son’s (Nicole) birthday is June 30th. Since we have been so busy this year, we decided to have a big combination birthday party for all the kids. It went so well, we might just have to do it year after year (or until they get “too big”).

To begin planning we picked a Pirate Theme. We knew we were going to rent our water park in our hometown for part of the birthday so whatever theme we chose needed to go along with water. We both had beach theme birthdays in the past so we thought this would be fun and colorful as well. We went with black, red, and turquoise (pink and green came into the play later on).

On one of Jenna’s trips to the city, she found cute treasure map plates and tablecloths, red and turquoise cups, black and red polka dot napkins, and a treasure chest piñata. Locally, I found red, black, and turquoise striped dinner plates, serving dishes and table cloths.

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