Crockin’ Tips

Convert Oven Recipes for the Slow Cooker


Do you have a recipe you want to try in the crock? Use this handy little conversion chart to modify cooking times for your oven-baked recipes. Set the adjusted time and temp, and let the crock do the cookin’! Print here.

Measuring Comparison Chart


Sure our moms may have taught us how many ounces are in a cup, but if you’re like us you’ve had that moment in the kitchen or grocery when you’re trying to do the math in your head and it’s just not happening! We put together a quick measuring chart that you can download and print here and put on your fridge or cut out and carry with you to the grocery store. We like simple and hey you don’t have to know all the answers!

Slow Cooker Liner Love


What’s easier than slow cooking? Slow cooking with a liner! Yes, really there are liners made by Reynolds that can fit into 3 and 6.5 quart slow cookers to make clean up a breeze. We started using these when making desserts and traditional casseroles, but they work for any recipe; and well, they really take the work out of cooking. Your crock may miss it’s spa day soaking in the sink, but you won’t miss all that scrubbing and scratching!
You may already use these liners, you ol’ pro, and know how easy they make clean up, but if you haven’t get out there and get ‘em (p.s. there’s a printable coupon on their website) They’re the best thing since … crockin’ of course!

Oh and p.s. watch our segment on Fox Good Day in Atlanta where we used liners to make simple sides and introduced the host to our love of the liner!