Halloween Costume Situation, Marwitz Style


So I am a bit obsessive when it comes to dressing my kiddos. I like for them to have “style”, lol! Both of my kiddos came home in outfits with bonnets. Old fashion, timeless outfits. Blue gingham for Spence and pink with lace for Miss Stella. When Spencer was little I put him in little newsboy hats and fedoras, and he rocked them. With Stella it has always been about mixing prints (leopard is a MUST), ruffles meet preppy, and BIG BOWS are her signature look. They have pretty much allowed it with little to no resistance.

At around 4 years old, Spencer started wanting to wear “cool clothes” as in elastic waist everything. Having a daddy that is a coach doesn’t help matters much in his desire to wear all things “sporty”. I could feel my little style baby slipping away. Stella on the other hand has embraced fashion with a fierce desire to leave her stamp on the world. I allow her to make some style choices in her wardrobe and she actually can mix and match quite well.

I feel like this year’s Halloween costume choices are a wake up call for me when it comes to facing the fact that my kiddos are growing into their own, and I think I am handling it quite well, lol! You see, I enjoy coordinating my kids clothing in the day to day, so you can imagine what ideas run through my mind for coordinating costumes. The first halloween Stella was born she was almost 6 months old and I made her the cutest little black kitty cat costume and big brother (a little over 2 at the time) was her fire fighter to the rescue.

The next halloween we went with the CUTEST (and my craftiest, I might add) duo. I made them costumes to be a cowboy (he was 3) and a little indian girl (she was 18 months). These costumes might forever be my most favorite for all time.

Last year (Spencer was 4 and Stella was 2) I knew things were about to start unravelling so I held on as tight as I could to squeeze in one more year of the matchy matchy. With his love of super heroes I convinced Spencer to go as Clark Kent Superman and we made Stella a Super Woman costume. You will notice a pattern in all 3 of Stella’s costumes… we love a tutu.

As I received oohs and ahhhs of admiration each year, I tucked them away for the rainy day I knew would come. The day when they would have their own ideas on their halloween costumes. The time is now. I have strolled down memory lane soaking up their cuteness in previous years costumes, but I look at their costumes this year and I can’t help but smile! I smile because they know what they like, they have their own ideas, and they are PROUD of their choices. I love to see them happy more than almost anything, and I know we won’t soon forget the year of Raphael (or Raphaeyel as spencer says it) and The Unicorn Rider ;)

DIY Diaper Cake


Hey y’all, I thought I’d put together a video showing how to make your own diaper cake. I love this gift for many reasons; It’s a great centerpiece if you’re throwing a baby shower, it’s a creative gift, anyone can do it and it gives that mom-to-be a basic item she’ll really need, but in a fun way! And since dinner is already done in the slow cooker, this will be a fun new project for you to try something new and get craftin’!

Is it Fall Yet?


I am a summer girl for the most part, but when you live in Texas you can get a tad burned out with the heat! With days reaching 110 degrees and often no rain, even us “sunny day” people long for a little hint of crisp fall air! When temps reach down to the 80s I am on cloud nine, and I love that I can actually take my kiddos outside again! If we hit the 70s, you can bet that I am feeling a little “cool” and might need to start crockin’ up some Chicken ‘N Dumplins!

I already have my fall decor up at home and I have crocked a few soups… pretending it is cooler than 90 degrees outside! Here are some pics of my home decorated for the fall season. I have a TON of Christmas stuff, so I would love to add to my collection of Fall decorations this year. Watch out Hobby Lobby ;) I also went shopping in my own shed! I pulled out an old bench that I don’t currently have a place for in my house and put it on my porch, and got an old window frame out and smeared some turquoise paint on it to jazz it up a bit… I plan on switching out seasonal decor in the window and on the bench throughout the year. I just put a wreath and a homemade sign in it for fall and voila- it’s starting to look like fall around here!

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DIY Pillow Case Dress


1. Measure your child from the nape of their neck to mid thigh.

2. Pick out coordinating fabrics (I chose 5 because I like the “busy” look). When cutting fabrics leave it folded. In the picture of the fabrics notice the fold is on the left and the length noted below is measured from the top to bottom of fabric the way it is oriented in the picture.
*Main fabric (school print) measured the length of neck to thigh. {Stella is wears 12-18 month and I measured hers 14″.}
*Accent #1 (cheetah) measured 3″.
*Accent #2 (with with big red polka dots) measured the length of Main Fabric + Accent #1 {for Stella’s 14”+3”= 17″ of Accent #2)
*Accent #3 (black with ABCs and 123s) measured 10″ and folded in half, making a 5” trim at the bottom. I do this so that I don’t have    to do a hem at the bottom.
*Accent #4 (white with black polka dots) measured about 4″.

3. Lay Main Fabric unfolded on the floor or working surface, and place Accent #1 on top of it (at the bottom edge of the fabric) right sides together.

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