It was my husband’s family’s Thanksgiving this year. We alternate holidays between families. It is just easier and we can really enjoy the family we are with during that specific holiday. We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. Kris has 3 siblings and we were very fortunate to be able to all be together this Thanksgiving. We traveled on Tuesday and pulled right into Rosa’s mexican restaurant, my absolute favorite. The kids and I always split the chicken fajita plate, chips and queso, and definitely have to have a so papilla. Licking my lips as I type!

Wednesday we headed to the North Pole on the Polar Express. So, so FUN! The kids thought it was awesome to not only be on a train, but get to wear their pi’s out of the house too! We sang Christmas carols, were served hot chocolate and cookies and then magically arrived at the North Pole. Seeing my kids faces was priceless. Gracie was a little timid of Santa last year, but this year she has figured it out. She told Santa exactly what she wanted and really wasn’t done talking to him when it was the next kid’s turn. It was a fun family evening and memories were definitely made.

Thursday, we were able to have Thanksgiving dinner at my brother in law and sister in law’s NEW house. They just moved in a few weeks ago and it is their first home. It’s just beautiful and we are so Happy for them. Every one pitched in getting dinner ready. I contributed the Big Mama’s Broccoli Rice casserole (thanks Jenna for the recipe), Simply Sweet Potatoes, and you can’t have Thanksgiving or Christmas without the famous pecan pie! I can eat this pie morning, noon, and night as long as I have a glass of milk.

Friday, we ALL went bowling. Kids and all. We had a blast. Each family got set up with their own lane. My Gage is getting a little competitive. He was not happy the first game when he didn’t win. He bowled with the bumpers, and by the third game he was bowling better without them. He really got the hang of it and figured out how to line the ball up just right. I think his last score ended up being a 104, not bad at all for a 6 year old. He beat me of course! I like to bowl. I am not competitive at all, but it’s fun. And every bowling alley I have ever been too plays such great music.

It was such a great holiday and a much needed one for my mother in law. She needed to have all her babies under the same roof and all together. She needed to laugh historically and be so tired by the time we left, she didn’t know how to function. It is good for her sole, and ours too. Memories were made by all, and I am thankful for these sweet memories.


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