Sweet Berry Farm Family Fun

Sweet Berry Farm Family Fun


¬†On Saturday we headed out to Sweet Berry Farms in Marble Falls, TX. It is a family farm with many activities for all. We had such a wonderful day. We invited our good friends the Gerstenberger’s. Gage and Jayden have been besties since about 20 months old. They met at a home daycare that I took Gage to on the days I taught dance lessons. Now they are both in school, and going to different schools so their time together is limited, but we make it a point to get together or have Jayden over to spend the night at least once a month.
Anyway, back to the farm … I haven’t had such a peaceful day in a long time as I had last Saturday. We laughed and laughed. The best part of it all is that my kids were happy and we weren’t in a rush to get anywhere. On these leisurely days, we are reminded how hectic our lives can be and it was a much needed day of rejuvenating.

Both my kids love animals and love horses. Gage wants a horse, but that is something my husband says we will never own. Just too much to take care of and I am behind him 100% on this one. However, we will take a horse ride any time we can get one. Gage is pictured above riding Miss Kitty. She was such a gentle, tame horse and by the smile on his face you can tell he absolutely loved it. Gracie rode one as well, Dexter was his name. She and I rode together as she is still a little timid around some animals.
Sweet Berry Farms has a whole section of picking flowers. You can pick your own flowers for $3.00 a cup. Gracie picked and picked and picked. This was right up her alley. She would search for the prettiest ones. We all were able to pick flowers and brought them home as a reminder of our wonderful day together.
We started our day off with the kids in the neatest jump house trampoline, then moved on to the corn maze which was soooo fun to walk through and find the bells to ring. The kids had a blast. We then moved on to stuffing a scarecrow. The kids drew the face on a burlap sack while the men stuffed the shirt and the pants with hay. Then “Williamina” the scarecrow came together and we were able to take her home. We moved on to the barrel train and ate strawberry Popsicles, and ended the day with picking flowers and the kids getting their faces painted. It was a wonderful, wonderful day and I am so blessed to have these special days with the ones I love the most! – Nicole
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