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Happy Fall Y’all!


It’s FALL Y’ALL and out of all the fall activities, my favorite is taking my kiddos to the local fresh produce market. I was a “really happy person” the day the market posted on face book the picture of the pumpkins arriving on a semi! My kids get excited too. Cullen’s, the local market, is so welcoming to the families taking pictures in the pumpkins. I have done this for 6 years now. I can remember taking Gage for his first pumpkin patch picture and this is also where I took Gracie for her birth announcement picture in the summertime with all the beautiful flowers.

I am definitely a summertime girl, but when those pumpkins roll in I find a little pep in my step. It’s fun kicking off the fall with new pumpkin pics. of my kids and then buying pumpkins and mums for my front porch display. Even though we live in the country and not many see our front porch, it sure does make me happy when I pull up.

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Crockin’ Holiday Giveaway


And the WINNER IS ……

#3 Amy from Rochester, NY
“Favorite holiday tradition: Opening gifts long-distance with my family via Skype, while sipping mimosas and enjoying the smell of a delicious breakfast casserole cooking in the kitchen,”

There were so many great traditions! Look for many of them to appear in our Crockin’ for the Holidays magazine coming soon!

Congrats Amy! We’ll email you soon about your FREE cookbook!

Pop Giveaway! We’re getting our Crockin’ for the Holidays magazine together and we’d love your help with a special section. We’ll choose an entry at random and one of you lucky crockin’ girls will win a FREE copy of our cookbook!

To Enter:
Just answer the following question in the Comments section of this post below: “What is your favorite holiday tradition?” and give us your city and state!

The Rules:
One entry per person.
Winner will be announced right back here on Friday, Oct. 19th at 5PM.
Giveaway sponsored by The Crockin’ Girls.

Thanks Y’all!!!

Austin Adventure


Last Wednesday Jenna and I headed to Austin, TX for a cooking segment on KXAN news and our first book signing with Barnes and Noble. Since Austin is only a couple hours from us, we headed out that morning. I had planned on meeting friends of ours in Lampassas on the way down for a a quick hello. Sherry actually saw our post on Crockin’ Girls and emailed me if I could stop by for just a second because she had a little present for me. Jenna and I left out that morning, and once driving on the highway I told Jenna that my wheel sure was shaking. She says does it always do that, and I stated that I really couldn’t remember. We happened to be in our Jeep Liberty for the day because it gets really good gas mileage. It usually stays at our Insurance Office and Kris uses it for business and when he is on the road a lot. Anyway, didn’t think much about it any more and on the way to Austin Jenna notices my tire pressure in one of my tires was reading really low. I pulled into Lometa, TX and put some air into the tire. Got back on the road and all of a sudden my car wouldn’t go above 30 mph. The gear shift is located in the middle between Jenna and I, so I pulled off the road, put the car into park, and then back into drive, and got back on the road. Nothing! It’s not going any faster and I am thinking Oh no, my transmission is going out. ;( We get Kris on the phone and bless his heart, he had a busy day planned as well. He thinks we may have gotten an air bubble in the fuel line when we turned the car on and off at the gas station (the jeep is a diesel). So immediately I call Sherry and tell her we are on our way to Lampassas and need to get to a mechanic. She puts Dale on the phone and he gives me directions to where I need to go. He says, don’t worry about anything Nicole y’all can just take my car to Austin.

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DIY Diaper Cake


Hey y’all, I thought I’d put together a video showing how to make your own diaper cake. I love this gift for many reasons; It’s a great centerpiece if you’re throwing a baby shower, it’s a creative gift, anyone can do it and it gives that mom-to-be a basic item she’ll really need, but in a fun way! And since dinner is already done in the slow cooker, this will be a fun new project for you to try something new and get craftin’!