Concan Lovin’

Concan Lovin’


We LOVE us some Concan, TX! This is where my Nanee and Pop met. She was working at Neal’s cafe during the summer when in walked my Pop and it was love at first sight. They were married three months later and married over 50 years. This was the very first time we have been to Concan without my Nanee. We lost her July 2011 and there isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t think about her. She was my best friend! So this trip was very bittersweet for all of us. This picture is taken right outside the cafe and is another tradition of my family’s!

We had an absolute BLAST! The river was up enough to float, but wasn’t too deep for the kids. We found us a nice pool in the river during the day and let the kids play like crazy. They floated, caught minos, piled rocks, ate snacks, jumped off rope swings and so much more. It was a much needed family time trip!

From swimming, to shopping, to helicopter riding, to dancing and face painting, we did it all! Over at Neal’s, they have a dance hall outside that is totally family friendly. This is where the kids were able to get their faces painted. An art teacher from the local school comes on the weekends and paints kid’s faces during the dances and is able to make some side money. She was sooooo nice and friendly with the kids. I had so much fun, and wasn’t ready to leave. Combine dancing and my family and I’m game to stay all night! The two things I enjoy most in my life!

Happy Concanin’!

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