Austin Adventure

Austin Adventure


Last Wednesday Jenna and I headed to Austin, TX for a cooking segment on KXAN news and our first book signing with Barnes and Noble. Since Austin is only a couple hours from us, we headed out that morning. I had planned on meeting friends of ours in Lampassas on the way down for a a quick hello. Sherry actually saw our post on Crockin’ Girls and emailed me if I could stop by for just a second because she had a little present for me. Jenna and I left out that morning, and once driving on the highway I told Jenna that my wheel sure was shaking. She says does it always do that, and I stated that I really couldn’t remember. We happened to be in our Jeep Liberty for the day because it gets really good gas mileage. It usually stays at our Insurance Office and Kris uses it for business and when he is on the road a lot. Anyway, didn’t think much about it any more and on the way to Austin Jenna notices my tire pressure in one of my tires was reading really low. I pulled into Lometa, TX and put some air into the tire. Got back on the road and all of a sudden my car wouldn’t go above 30 mph. The gear shift is located in the middle between Jenna and I, so I pulled off the road, put the car into park, and then back into drive, and got back on the road. Nothing! It’s not going any faster and I am thinking Oh no, my transmission is going out. ;( We get Kris on the phone and bless his heart, he had a busy day planned as well. He thinks we may have gotten an air bubble in the fuel line when we turned the car on and off at the gas station (the jeep is a diesel). So immediately I call Sherry and tell her we are on our way to Lampassas and need to get to a mechanic. She puts Dale on the phone and he gives me directions to where I need to go. He says, don’t worry about anything Nicole y’all can just take my car to Austin.

Jenna and I pulled up to the mechanic shop and Dale pulls up, helps us unload all of our things (keep in mind we are doing a cooking segment on the news). I am sure he was thinking, how much can these girls pack? Sherry has our little gift (which y’all will be seeing in a holiday video), and sweet Dale has gone by the donut shop and gotten us donuts. We get packed up in his truck and head to Austin.

My poor Kris, starts texting Jenna because at this point he knows I am completely done with the Jeep! This is where I need to back up a couple of months and tell you why…..Jenna and I were headed to Dallas to the airport, heading to FL to be on Mr. Food. We are in the Jeep and reach the DFW area and it starts pouring down rain. I slow down and reduce the speed to about 45 mph. The rain finally begins to slow down and it is about to a sprinkle. I start to accelerate and can remember getting the car up to about 55mph. This is when Jenna and I begin to hydroplane and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. I grip the steering wheel with both hands, and let off the gas, but the car is still out of control. We are in the middle lane, and begin to head for the ditch to the left or the median. The car hits the grass (slushy and mushy) and does a complete 180. The car comes to a stop and Jenna and I just sit there and look at each other. I am waiting for her to go ALL CRAZY on me. (Jenna is very nervous in the car as a passenger since a car wreck she was in as a little girl) As I recall, we look at each other for a brief moment in awe like “what in the world just happened.” Then immediately I say, we have to get to the airport now. We have a plane to catch, and immediately put the Jeep in 4-wheel drive and get out of the median.

So back to the Austin adventure…..I am done with the Jeep and Kris knew it. For the record, I will not be taking the Jeep again on a Crockin’ Girls trip. It is just NOT meant to BE!!

Jenna and I made it in plenty of time to our cooking segment on KXAN and everything went really well! After the show we had about 5 hours before the book signing. We went and ate and just sat there looking at each other exhausted. I think the stress from the car trouble to making it in time for news finally caught up to us. We were able to get our tummies full and regroup.

After eating we headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up some decorations for our upcoming videos. We were pumped because they were having 40% off of Fall, Halloween, and Christmas. SCORE for us!

We got to the Barnes and Noble at the Auboretum in Austin and walked in to find a line of people waiting for us. We were so surprised and thrilled. Let me say, this is the part of what I do that makes it worth while! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE visiting with our Crockin’ Community and hearing your stories. This makes all the trying times of Crockin’ Girls worth while! Every time we do a signing I have this pep in my step and this high in life! I could have sat there all evening visiting with our friends!

Driving home that evening Jenna and I were on cloud 9. Even though our day got off to a rough start our day was perfect! We are so BLESSED to have Sherry and Dale help us out and cherish their friendship. And for our Crockin’ Community, Y’ALL JUST ROCK!

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  1. Larry
    #1 on October 8th, 2012 at 2:14 pm

    Glad you ladies made it home in one piece. I really enjoyed meeting you girls, and I am sure my daughter will really enjoy the cookbook when she gets her Christmas presents.

  2. Kelley

    #2 on October 8th, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    I hope you get a new vehicle soon. We need you girls safe so you can carry on and keep entertaining us. Thank you for pushing through during those trying times!

  3. Crockin Girls

    Crockin Girls
    #3 on October 9th, 2012 at 12:07 am

    Thanks, y’all! Our little Liberty is Crockin’ cursed, I think!

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