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Slow Cookin’ Survey


Hey y’all we have a quick slow cookin’ survey (can there be such a thing? why yes.) that we’d love for you to fill out. Once you’ve completed the survey you’ll be entered to win a Crockin’ Gift Pack that includes a slow cooker, our cookbook, t-shirt and a CG bracelet! Winner will be chosen at random and announced Friday at 5PM. One entry per person.

Annnnnd the winner is Terri Trimble from California!!! Congrats!(we’ll be in touch)


Click HERE to begin the online survey.


*All responses collected are for informational purposes only.

Is it Fall Yet?


I am a summer girl for the most part, but when you live in Texas you can get a tad burned out with the heat! With days reaching 110 degrees and often no rain, even us “sunny day” people long for a little hint of crisp fall air! When temps reach down to the 80s I am on cloud nine, and I love that I can actually take my kiddos outside again! If we hit the 70s, you can bet that I am feeling a little “cool” and might need to start crockin’ up some Chicken ‘N Dumplins!

I already have my fall decor up at home and I have crocked a few soups… pretending it is cooler than 90 degrees outside! Here are some pics of my home decorated for the fall season. I have a TON of Christmas stuff, so I would love to add to my collection of Fall decorations this year. Watch out Hobby Lobby ;) I also went shopping in my own shed! I pulled out an old bench that I don’t currently have a place for in my house and put it on my porch, and got an old window frame out and smeared some turquoise paint on it to jazz it up a bit… I plan on switching out seasonal decor in the window and on the bench throughout the year. I just put a wreath and a homemade sign in it for fall and voila- it’s starting to look like fall around here!

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Crockin’ for Childhood Cancer


Crockin’ for Cade in honor or Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

We are so excited about this video and the opportunity to spread awareness and help raise money that goes straight to research! Enter to win a t-shirt and slow cooker at www.cadecares.org

The Crockin’ Girls One Year Anniversary Reflections


We are coming up on our one year anniversary since the unexpected start of our Crockin’ Girls journey and it has really got us thinking!

From Nicole,

Wow, I can’t believe we are rolling up on our one year anniversary for the Crockin’ Girls, talk about a roller coaster ride! It has been extremely fun, scary, nerve racking, a definite adrenaline rush, and in the long run keeps me saying, “Let’s do it again!” In all of our wildest dreams never did Jenna or I plan for this journey. On August 19th, 2011 our goal for making a Facebook page was to make life a little simpler for our families and friends. From there our lives completely turned around, and all I have to say is thank GOD for crockin’ or else we would be eating out all the time!

In one year I have held my first ever crock-a-thon, created a cookbook, been on TV, and interviewed by several newspapers, radio shows, and magazines, traveled to pretty places and met famous chefs. I have attended my own book signings, and not only have I seen my very own cookbook in Barnes and Noble, I have celebrated as it was named the #1 cookbook, even crazier! I have also gotten to meet and work with some AMAZING people and I HAVE LEARNED A LOT!!

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