DIY Pillow Case Dress

DIY Pillow Case Dress


1. Measure your child from the nape of their neck to mid thigh.

2. Pick out coordinating fabrics (I chose 5 because I like the “busy” look). When cutting fabrics leave it folded. In the picture of the fabrics notice the fold is on the left and the length noted below is measured from the top to bottom of fabric the way it is oriented in the picture.
*Main fabric (school print) measured the length of neck to thigh. {Stella is wears 12-18 month and I measured hers 14″.}
*Accent #1 (cheetah) measured 3″.
*Accent #2 (with with big red polka dots) measured the length of Main Fabric + Accent #1 {for Stella’s 14”+3”= 17″ of Accent #2)
*Accent #3 (black with ABCs and 123s) measured 10″ and folded in half, making a 5” trim at the bottom. I do this so that I don’t have    to do a hem at the bottom.
*Accent #4 (white with black polka dots) measured about 4″.

3. Lay Main Fabric unfolded on the floor or working surface, and place Accent #1 on top of it (at the bottom edge of the fabric) right sides together.

4. Sew these two pieces together using the edge of machine foot as a guide.

5. Iron the seam down.

6. Top stitch. This step can be skipped, but I think the top stitch makes it look nice and is much better when machine washing.

7. Unfold Accent #3 fabric and fold lengthwise making a 5” strip and iron.

8. Place Accent #3 on top of previously sewn piece (laying right side up) with the raw edges of Accent #1 and Accent #3 matching up.

9. Next, place Accent #2 on top of Accent #3 face down so that the Main Fabric and Accent #2’s right sides are touching and all raw edges are matched evenly on the bottom edge.

10. Sew these pieces together using the edge of the machine foot as a guide.

11. Turn piece right side out and lay down on work surface. You now have the main piece of the dress done (Accent #2 is the lining of the dress). Iron along the seam of Accent #1 and #2.

12. Top stitch along the seam of Accent #1 and #2.

13. Back at your work surface lay out the fabric and fold in half.

14. Fold in half again.

15. Use a dress that fits your child for a guide and lay it on top of the fabric. Place shoulder seams about 2 inches from the top of Main Fabric and the bottom of guide dress toward the trim of Accent #3. One side of Main Fabric piece will have ONE fold and the other side will be the “open” side of the fold. You will cut on the OPEN side of the fold.

16. Using the arm hole as a guide, cut out a backwards “J” continuing the cut to the top of the fabric.

17. You’re getting there! Looking more like a dress right?!?!

18. Turn fabric piece back inside out. Accent #3 will be inside the fabric piece.

19. Start sewing along the outside edge of the fabric piece, starting seam just past where Accent #3 stops. Sew along the inside edge of the dress (it is inside out at this point) using the foot of machine as a guide. Stop sewing on the opposite side of the dress where Accent #3 starts back up.

20. Turn right side out and topstitch.

21. Iron down a small fold on each of the short sides (they will have a small amount of raw edge left on them), and then stitch.

22. Use pinking shears to trim up so that it wont fray.

23. Sew the two short sides together.

24. On the opposite side, measure in about 1/2 an inch and sew from the bottom of the dress to the arm hole so that it isn’t wider on one side than the other.

25. Use pinking shears to cut along the seam.

26. Take Accent #4 and fold in a long skinny strip, inside out. Starting at the fold on one of the short ends sew along 3 of the edges leaving one end open.

27. Turn right side out and iron.

28. Fold the open end of the strip in, and sew.

29. On the front and back of the dress fold the neckline down about 2”. This can be folded to the inside or outside depending if you want the lining to show or not. I chose to have my polka dot lining fold to the outside.

30. Sew each side down.

31. Pull the “tie” made from Accent #4 through the front and back necklines.

32. “Scrunch” in the material on the front depending how wide you want the neck line and stitch down on both sides. Do this to the back also. This is an easy step that can be removed and adjusted with the growth of your child.

33. Trim up all threads and put it on you little girl!

*This dress is quite loose on Stella right now, but I love the fit :) As she grows it can be worn with leggings as a shirt. She will be able to wear this for a few years!


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