Party Planning

Party Planning


If you don’t know, our babies that just turned 3 were born two hours apart on June 18th. Gage, my son’s (Nicole) birthday is June 30th. Since we have been so busy this year, we decided to have a big combination birthday party for all the kids. It went so well, we might just have to do it year after year (or until they get “too big”).

To begin planning we picked a Pirate Theme. We knew we were going to rent our water park in our hometown for part of the birthday so whatever theme we chose needed to go along with water. We both had beach theme birthdays in the past so we thought this would be fun and colorful as well. We went with black, red, and turquoise (pink and green came into the play later on).

On one of Jenna’s trips to the city, she found cute treasure map plates and tablecloths, red and turquoise cups, black and red polka dot napkins, and a treasure chest piƱata. Locally, I found red, black, and turquoise striped dinner plates, serving dishes and table cloths.

The pool rental could only be from 6:30-8:30 on Friday evening. This left us with having the party festivities afterwards and we chose to do this at my dance studio since there is quite a bit of room and neither one of us would have a mess at our homes.

We found matching pirate swim trunks for the boys that were black with pirate faces all over and for the girls bathing suits they were navy and white striped with 4 different colored flowers around the neckline.

We reached out to our friend to make the pirate cakes (1 for each child) and 40 cookies for take home favors!

Jenna and I both LOVE, let me say it again, LOVE entertaining. We can throw a party whether it’s just us or a whole room of people. It’s a challenge for us, but a fun one and we love seeing it all come together. As we began decorating we had so much to do the day of the party, but we were both in such good moods because we were doing something we love to do.

Tune in tomorrow to see the final results!

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