Yee Haw!

Yee Haw!


My three year old Spencer loves anything  to do with farm animals, so when the rodeo came to town we knew he would love it! We put our boots on and Spencer put on his straw hat with the turkey feather in the side. Then we had Stella go over to her CiCi and Poppy’s house because taking her along would have been a rodeo in itself- she is a busy little thing! We got there early because Stanton (my husband) had some kids from his school working the concession stand and he had to supervise, but Spencer thought the trucks and tractors prepping the arena were pretty cool too! From the opening ceremonies to the last ride of the night my little cowboy was in hog heaven- singing the National Anthem, cheering, oohing and ahhhing, and soaking up every single moment of the rodeo. Someone even brought their horse up from the trailer for Spence to ride; talk about pure excitement! At the end of the night Spencer looked up at me and asked “Can we come to the rodeo in morrow morning?”, and he was disappointed when I told him it was over. We buckled up our buckaroo and no more than a mile away from the arena he was fast asleep, dreaming about bulls and broncs I’m sure!  Ha!We will definitely be going to the rodeo next year y’all!

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