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Slow Cooking and Parenting


Just wanted to share a little interview we did with MyParentLab.com We’re always talkin’ crockin’, but there’s a lot more to being a mom than just cooking that’s for sure. Here’s a little look into our lives outside of the kitchen! Read a snipit below or the full article HERE for Nicole’s take first, then Jenna’s will come later this week. Check them out on Facebook or Twitter too.


Busy “mom-preneur” Nicole pressed the pause button on her Crockin’ Girls schedule to dish with us on her biggest parenting challenges, how she juggles her diverse duties, why family mealtime is a must, and then some!

So take a breather from your must-dos and gain some great advice from one of ParentLab’s favorite contributors, Nicole Sparks.

PL: What are your biggest challenges as a parent?

NS: Consistency with my almost 3-year-old. I know that it is really important for him to consistently see what is right and wrong and know the outcome for the choices he makes. And patience with my 1-year-old. She is so strong-willed!

PL: Your life has shifted dramatically since becoming the famous Crockin’ Girls. How are you navigating those changes as moms and wives?

NS: We took it on as a family, and we have adjusted to our new “normal”! Daddy is doing a lot more chores (I even made a laundry chart for him), and the kids are learning that Mama and Daddy both have jobs that require us to be away from them sometimes. I have also had to change my expectations of how I thought things needed to be done and just be thankful they’re done!

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Hot Mamas in the Kitchen!


There is nothing like a good apron when you’re working in the kitchen and we have recently come across these adorable and functional aprons from Jen Rosie Designs! Not only do they come in perfect Crockin’ Girls colors, we actually use them! The skirt is made out of absorbent terry cloth to wipe our wet and messy hands while we’re prepping out latest slow cooker recipe. Of course we like to stay connected (we did start our Facebook page from our phones ha!), so we can just keep our phone in the cute ruffle pocket or that toy our kiddos are fighting over! What we love most is that these awesome aprons are made by a fellow “momtrepenuer”, Jennifer Carr, who lives right here in our home state of Texas and is part of our Crockin’ Girls Community!

 You can see more cute patterns HERE!


Choo Choo!


All aboard! Every fall and spring a group of train enthusiasts gather in our area to share their love of trans. We were lucky enough to join in on the fun and take the kids for a train ride in the country! These aren’t your typical trains, they are mini replicas that run on a tiny track. They have miles of this tiny railroad winding around the fields with wildflowers, through live oaks, over bridges, and through tunnels- it is amazing! The kiddos absolutely loved it and can’t wait to go back in the fall! It is in moments like these that we realize how great it really is to slow down, relax, and enjoy our small little place in this world :) The train ride lasted about 45 minutes and the boys (Gage 6, Spencer 2) lived every minute of it! Stella is miss independent (just turned one and she is really loving the freedom of walking!) and we weren’t sure she would enjoy being along for the entire journey, so she stayed behind with her CiCi! Gracie relaxed so much sitting in her daddy’s lap on the train that she slept for 1/2 of the ride! We are thankful to this group of people were willing to share their love of trains with us and allow us to spend some great quality time with our little ones!

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Over Packers Anonymous


We have issues. Nicole and I are both over packers and we are not afraid to admit it. I have a fear going somewhere and not having everything I need. Why didn’t I bring those coral shoes?!

For a four day trip we have both packed a large suitcase (which we weighed in with fingers crossed, lol!), a small “rolley”, and a “purse”.  All busting at the seams and bulging, we envy those who breeze into the airport with one dainty rolley thinking, “How do they do it?!?!?!”. The trip for Aspen has been particularly tricky because we have been told the weather is about 75 during the day and 45 at night, so that basically means we need 2 outfits a day! Not to mention the mind changing routine that leaves you with clothes strewn out everywhere, or is that just us? We are going to be on the road a lot, so we would LOVE to hear your tips and tricks for packing light! Thanks y’all!!!