Crockin’ Love

Crockin’ Love


We love to hear from our Crockin’ Community how slow cooking has simplified life. We started this to help busy families, like ours, slow down and enjoy a meal together without the stress or mess of preparing difficult recipes that leave you defeated. If you haven’t already, pull out the slow cooker and reclaim dinner time (and your sanity)! Read below and share in our Crockin’ Love!

¬†As a mother of two VERY active boys (5 and 3) who are into so much mischief, a stay at home mom who also holds down a full time job teaching online for a community college, sitting on the board for my son’s preschool, fundraising for the non-profit preschool, caring for elderly parents and trying to be a present wife, I can honestly say home cooked dinners would be impossible without the wonderful world of crockin’! Thank you so much Crockin’ Girls for helping me to make a home cooked meal possible and saving my sanity at dinner time!

Melissa Parker Brewer

I have 5 kids and the first 6 months after my youngest was born she would get fussy and want to be held by me only from 4pm on. The crock and my Moby saved my sanity LOL I recommend it to all my friend now.
Heather Maestas

Love you gals! Keep up the good work! Several of my friends use your recipes. Thanks a crockin’!!!!!!! :)
Christy Parsons Bullard

Hey Crockin Girls!! Just want to say the Monday meal of Chicken/Wild rice soup was fantastic! Fam loved it. :)
Deanna McCullough Nikolai

Made your Coke Roast tonight! AMAZING!!!
Joy Blank Harrison

Since I worked a 12 hr shift today, I put the BBQ chicken in the crockpot for the fam. I’m assuming it was darn good as all I got to eat was a banana. They ate every last bit but at least they cleaned the crockpot!
Becky Bumann Trost

I am so grateful for you site. I have to leave meals twice a week for my parents. Using these recipes allows me to make several healthy meals in one pot. I am looking forward to seeing spring/summer meals.
Jeanette Hurrelbrink

Awesome! I love that you started Crockin with a baby! My girl is 10 months too. Your website has been my savior.
Keira Dooley

I have 4 beautiful children. My youngest 3 are 6 months, 16 months, and just turned 3. Using my crock now more than ever!
Ashley Jevcak

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  1. kathy
    #1 on September 21st, 2015 at 5:36 pm

    Your review has been submitted and should appear on the site shortly.

    I just purchased your “The Crockin Girls” cookbook yesterday and am making
    tula’s Jambalaya,today. its smells delicious. I made the mistake of not looking at the packing of the sausage and it was labeled HOT…the jumbalaya is great but a bit HOT. But so easy…am making the beef stroganoff on Wednesday…GREAT COOKBOOK! Love my Crock Pot, love the book! Thank You for publishing. I love the pictures and the entire format, not boring and ho hum, think i’ll go take a nap, kind of book, but really would like to meet you ladies kind of book

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